[Rhythm Journey] is a hardcore 2-buttons rhythm game with a story.

Rhythm Journey is a completely blended game play with the drum parts of the in-game music. All plays are designed to fit the drums, mainly drum kick and snare, that is, the ‘boom’ sound and the ‘pat’ sound. Each song is based on a variety of genres, rhythms, beats, and techniques (pop, rock, funk, Bossa nova, swing, shuffle, 8-beat, 16-beat, 4/4 beat, 3/4 beat, syncopation, fill-in, etc.) that are actually used, so you can feel the real feeling of actual drum play through Rhythm Journey.

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We released the 'Rhythm Journey' in 2022

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Melody genius is nominated as ‘Top Android Games To Tryout In September 2021’ by GamesKeys.
Melody genius introduction
We released spinning rhythm game 'Melody Genius' in 2021